* Climate
 Yen Minh is located in the sub-tropical climate, influenced by the monsoon. It is hot and humid, with lots of rain. The winter is cold and less rain.

– Population are mainly Hmong, Dzao, Tay, Pu Peo, Lolo, Giay, Nung, Bo Y. The ethnic groups have rich spiritual and cultural life. Each of them has their own culture and festivals, for example:
+ “Cọi” singing of Tay ethnic group

+ “Phươn” singing of Nung and Giay ethnic groups

+ “Giao duyên” singing of Hmong, Dzao ethnic groups.

There are many tourist attractions here, for example: Yen Minh pine forest, Buc Ban cultural village, Du Gia village, Na Luong cave, or the historical French guardhouse, Lung Ho wall, Co Cai revolutionary base.

  • Local markets
  • Yen Minh market takes place every Sunday morning.
  • Bach Dich market
  • Du Gia market takes place on Friday morning.
  • Duong Thuong market takes place on Friday morning
  • Mau Due market takes place on Sunday morning
  • Sung Trang market takes place on Sunday morning


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