1. Location: Twin Mountains are located in Na Khoang village, Tam Son town, Quan Ba district, Hagiang. It is 49km from Hagiang city
  1. General Information:

Twin Mountains were formed from the geological movement processes of the earth’s crust, the fault of the limestone were about 400 million years ago. The perimeter of these 2 mountains are almost 1000m2, the area is approximate 3.6ha. Twin Mountains also associated with some legendary stories  which relates to the ambition and humanities of local people here.

According to dialect, Twin Mountains sounds as “núm riến” (means fairy’s breasts) or “pu già kéo” (also means fairy’s breast)Twin mountains


  1. Legends of Twin Mountains

There was a well-known legend about a H’Mong handsome young man and a beautiful fairy. The man had a talent for playing Hmong jew’s harp, his fantastic jew’s harp melodies could even soar to sky and to the heaven. The most beautiful fairy in heaven named “Hoa Dao – Peach Flower” heard the sound of jew’s harp and tried to find the way to come the earth. And she fell in love with him. They became husband and wife and had a baby boy. Ngoc Hoang (The Heaven God) found that Hoa Dao fly to the earth to get married a human, which made him angry. He forced the fairy return to where she belongs. Hoa Dao begged to stay and nurture her baby boy but she was not allowed to do that. So she had left her breast to her son. Later, her breast turned into giant Twin Mountains (or Fairy Mountain). According to the legend, the milk from her breasts creates the cool climate; fruits and vegetable also has more delicious flavors. Girls who are from this hometown also have white and soft skin with beautiful pink cheeks. Tears of her turned into Mien River, embracing the land behind the heaven gate.

Another story about a giant man who went cross thousand of mountains and rivers to come to this area because he fell in love with a beautiful girl here. The girl’s family wanted to challenge the strength of this man, so they challenged him to stop Dong Ha river so it could flow back to the valley where her family were living (it is Tam Son now). If he could do that, they would agree him to be their son-in-law. The giant man accepted the challenge, he was working day and night, carried the mountains to stop the flow. One day, he received the news that his mother died, it was sudden and too painful so he rushed to go back to his hometown to mourn his mother. But nobody knows why he never came back. The girl was faithfully waiting for him for so long, because of waiting too long so she transformed into a mountain, it is the Twin Mountains now – represent to her rounded and beautiful breasts.

The most stunning time to admire this wonderful scenery is in spring and summer when the grass fields and trees on the mountains are fresh and green, or may be in autumn – the post-harvesting period when rice on the terraced fields are ripe with brilliant yellow color.

With the charming beauty and spiritual value of Twin Mountains, in 2010, Vietnam Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism official recognized this as a national monument. It is now with Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark become attractive destinations for those who love discovering wild beauty of nature.

Hoang Ai- hagianglocal.com


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