Twin mountains

* Climate 
Quan Ba district has been influenced by the Northeastern climate,  the tropical monsoon climate: It is hot and humid in summer; cold, dry, less rain in winter.

* Population, ethnic groups

–  This is the residence of 14 minority ethnic groups, with 60% Hmong, 14% Dzao, 11% Tay, and others. Especially, Quan Ba is the only district where Bo Y ethnic group live (only 881 remaining people and most of them live in Quyet Tien commune).

The ethnic groups have a rich spiritual and cultural life. Each of them has their own culture and festivals, for example:

+ Maturity Ceremony of Dzao ethnic group (Lễ Cấp Sắc)

+ Festival for Blessing of Hmong ethnic group  – kind of blessing for having a baby, good health or a good farming season (Lễ Gầu Tào)

+ Going to fields Festival of Tay ethnic group, they pray for a good farming season (Lễ Lồng Tồng)

– There are many attractions here, such as: Bac Sum pass, Heaven Gate, Twins mountain, Nam Dam village, Bat Dai Son village, Lung Khuy cave, Lung Tam linen weaving village of Hmong people. At the weekend, there are also many local markets here, namely:

  • Provincial market in Tam Son town on Sunday morning.
  • Cao Ta Tung market is the local market of 3 communes: Cao Ma Po, Ta Vai (Cao Mã Pờ, Tả Ván, Tùng Vài) which take place on Friday.
  • Tung Vai market takes place every 5 days.
  • Bat Dai Son market is built near the border (along with Nghia Thuan market) in order to facilitate the exchange of goods with China.
  • Quyet Tien market takes place on Saturday morning.
  • Trang Kim market (belong to Dong Ha commune) takes place on the Goat and the Buffalo days.
  • Nghia Thuan market takes place on the Dragon and the Dog days, the day before in Vietnam, the next day in China.


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