• Climate

The climate divides into 2 clearly seasons in a year: rainy season from May to September) and drying season (from October to April). The weather is harsh in drying season, it is very cold, frosty, foggy, and even snowy some years.

There are 17 ethnic groups living in Meo Vac: Lolo, Dzao, Giay, Tay, Kinh, Nung, Hoa… The Hmong ethnic group occupies 90% of the population in here, this is one of the area that Hmong people chose to settle down when they moved to Vietnam.

Because of the characteristic of soil here, people in Meo Vac can grow only corn, soy bean, and some medical plants, fruit trees such as: notoginseng, peach, pear, plum,.. raising big animals such as cows, goats, horses.

Each ethnic group in Meo Vac has a unique culture with its own identity: Offering new rice festival, Praying for Rain festival of Lolo ethnic group; Dancing with Drum of Giay ethnic group, Going to fields Festival of Tay ethnic group, they pray for a good farming season (Lễ Lồng Tồng). Especially, Meo Vac is well-known not only with Vietnamese but also foreigners by the Khau Vai Love Market. This market takes place only once a month on the late 26th and early morning 27th March in lunar calendar in Khau Vai village.

In addition, Meo Vac also attracts tourists by specialties, such as: dried beef, fermented soy bean, Tat Nga green tea, Ha Ia corn wine and traditional medical plants of the ethnic people.

Schedule of local markets in Meo Vac

Sunday market
  • The center market – Meo Vac market takes place on Sunday morning
  • Niem Son market – taking place every 5 days.
  • Khau Vai market takes place on the 2nd, 7th, 12th, 22nd, 27th (lunar calendar) every month.
  • Sung Tra market takes place on Saturday.
  • Son Vi market takes place on Sunday morning.

The tourist attractions in Meo Vac

  • Lolo village (there are many highlight festivals in Lolo village, for example: jumping trees festival (or spring festival) taking place from 25th December to 15th January in lunar calendar, Corn Harvesting Festival, Praying for Rain Festival (on March and April in lunar calendar) and lunar new year festival).
  • Sam Pun border gate
  • Travelling by boat on Nho Que river
  • Dragon cave in Ta Lung B village – Meo Vac


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