• Climate

The climate in Dong Van is temperate climate with different sub-climate. There are 2 clearly seasons in a year: rainy season from May to October) and drying season (from November to April). It is usually foggy and dry with a high average of rainfall, from 1600 to 2000mm/year. Weather is extreme in the winter.  

There are 16 ethnic groups living in Dong Van: Lolo, Pu Peo, Co Lao, Dzao, Giay, Tay, Kinh, Hoa… The Hmong ethnic group occupies 88% of the population in here.

Lolo ethnic group divides into 2 small groups: black Lolo and flower Lolo. They often build houses back on the mountain with the view into the valley. Most of them build houses by soil.

The people in Dong Van province have rich spiritual and cultural life. Each of the ethnic groups have different traditional culture, asserting their longevity in the process of forming their own development such as: Lolo bronze drum, Pu Peo, bronze drum, Hmong ethnic group mouth organ, or traditional folk songs of Tay, Nung Dzao, Giay.

Animal breeding in Dong Van is developing, people raise animals such as: cows, goats, horses for meat, pulling and transporting goods.

  • The tourist attractions in Dong Van: Lung Cu Flag Tower, H’mong King Palace, Pho Bang village, Pao’s house in Lung Cam Village, Don Cao mountain, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Lo Lo Chai village, Sang Tung Cave.

There are some specialties such as: men men (steamed corn wheat), Au Tau porridge, bee larvae, mint honey, Lung Phin tea, horse intestine soup.  

* Schedule of local markets in Dong Van

  • The center market – Dong Van market takes place on Sunday morning.
  • Sung Trai market takes place on the Buffalo and the Goat days every month.
  • Lung Phin market takes place on the Tiger and the Monkey days.
  • Pho Cao market takes place on the Dragon and the Dog days.
  • Sa Phin market takes place on the Snake and the Pig days.
  • Lung Cu market takes place on the Goat and the Buffalo days.
  • Pho Bang market takes place on the Horse and the Mouse days.


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